Pure Trust Scam Outrage

Another pure trust scam outrage is shown in this message from our attorney and advisor Leslie share. This shows one reason why you must beware of scams and especially the pure trust scam outrage.

Pure Trust Scam Outrage Letter

Here is a letter from Leslie Share on why you must avoid pure trusts (which are scams).

“Here is another “pure trust” story. One of the US attendees at the Tortola seminar that we both spoke at a number of years ago had put their business (a store) in a “pure trust.” The IRS apparently waited for the attendee to leave town, and then swooped in and seized all of the store’s assets (which far exceeded the alleged tax liability due) from the poor family member left behind to run it. The “pure trust” is one of the so-called “abusive trusts” that the IRS will attack in the case of those poor souls who are duped into creating these frauds.

Best regards to you and Merri.

Leslie A. Share, Esq. Packman Neuwahl & Rosenberg las@pnrlaw.com

Pure Trust Scam Outrage Protection

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Until next message, good global investing!


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