Scam Con Warning

Here is another reader who was sucked into a “pay no tax” scam and is now under criminal investigation by the IRS. Read this scam con warning to Learn how to avoid this risk below.

Scam Con Warning Letter

Here is what this reader shared.

“Hi Gary, I just received your site from a friend. I have been involved with Anderson Ark Assoc for the past several years and have participated in an IBC. Unfortunately AAA has been under huge attack by the IRS and many of the principals are incarcerated. I am under criminal investigation for participation in their program. Is there anything you can offer me?”

Scam Con Warning Letter Reply

Regrettably this reader did not get a scam con warning soon enough and the best I could do was offer this name of my attorney. My dear friends watch out for these scams that promise that you do not have to pay tax. Even the innocent can become criminals through these!

I wish you safe and scam free business and investing!


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