International Investments and Controllers

International investments are often affected by controllers, the 65 families who are shown in my novel the 65th Octave.  This novel is not all fiction as you will see.

International Investments and Controlling Families

Have a series of families or organizations knitted together to control the world of international investments?

I don’t think so, not in the predetermined sense that some conspiracy theorists suggest.  I have heard that such groups as the Illuminati, Tri-laterists, etc. have century long plans to dominate every aspect of our wealth, culture, international investments and even our thought.

International Investments Observation

My observation from dealing with thousands of wealthy clients does not let me believe this. My readers have great enough difficulties simply passing wealth from father to son much less being able to operate a whole system that can dominate the world. I find it hard to believe in a system that has enough cohesion to hang together that long.  The nature of man is for youngsters to rebel and change things. I doubt that sinister plots can last for centuries.

Yet the nature of mankind and commerce does create controllers in every generation or through several generations. The controllers keep changing, but there is always too many of them.

Who is trying to control our lives, families and kids now and how? As yet I have not been able to come up with 65 (except in my novel), but have found more than I like.  Perhaps you can add a few.

International Investments Controller List

Here are some controllers I see and what they do to us.

  • Soft Drink Industry.  Steal our balance.
  • Fast Food Businesses.    Dull our tastes for life.
  • Pharmaceuticals.   Put our defense to sleep.
  • National Governments.   Bury our humanity.
  • News media.   Reduce us to the lowest common denominator.
  • Car Manufacturers.  Rob us of our legs.
  • Oil & Mining Interests.   Burn our deepest desires.
  • Congress.  Temp us with unnatural laws.
  • Housing Industry.   Unleash our lust for false security.
  • Legal Systems.  Upend the scale in our hearts.
  • Organized Religion.   Limit our relationship with God.
  • Science.  Tyrannize us with reason.
  • Accountants.  Freeze our ability to serve.
  • Banks.  Burden us with debt.
  • Tobacco Industry.  Choke our livelihoods.
  • Brewers and Distillers.  Remove our agony and ecstasy.
  • Health Insurance.  Burden us with fear.
  • TV & Movie Producers.  Mummify our minds.
  • Tax collectors.   Suck our energy.
  • Fashion Trade.   Herd us like sheep.
  • Education system. Lock us in a box.
  • Chemical industry. Eliminate our long range view.

International Investments Photo

Picture by Dr. Joe Losos at the Corporate Accountability International website.  This site shows how the powerful tobacco industry led by Philip Morris/Altria is still fighting in the US and internationally to undermine the global tobacco treaty.

These are real controllers who create impressions and bombard us with them day in and day out.  Fortunately we can gain habits to protect us from these controllers.

International Investments Habits

Here are seven habits for everlasting health and wealth.

#1: Live beneath your means.

#2: Allocate time energy and money more efficiently.

#3: Desire financial independence more than social status.

#5: Choose an occupation you love.

#6. See the world as a connected whole.

#7: Pay attention to your health.

These goals may sound easy yet 96.5% of the world fail to gain them. Most people in the Western world want to be millionaires, yet only 3.5% reach this goal.  This is because the controllers lead them to spend their money rather than save and invest.

Gain the seven habits above and you can beat the controllers. You can avoid the health and wealth scams that are played on you and your family each and every day.

Until next message, good investing!


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International Investments and Controllers was written by Gary Scott August 3, 2005