Scams Circulating Now

Please note these scams circulating now…so you can easily avoid them!

Scams Circulating Now #1: Stock brokers are trying to sucker you in now, even after paying hundreds of millions of dollars of fines! The attached international portfolio ideas presented by Swiss advisor Andy Kaegi outlines the extreme caution we must exercise in equity markets at this time. One of the biggest cons played repeats itself again and again.

There is extensive research showing we are in a 15 year downward market cycle (you can see this in the link below). Every large brokerage firm and newspaper is aware of this. There is little hope of a sustained market recovery and all the brokers and media know this. Yet each time the market has a slight rally, even for a few days, the newspapers (and brokers) start screaming, “Has a new bull market begun?”. Don’t get sucked in. Realize there good equity investments out there, but the market’s mood is down and can remain so for years to come.

Scams Circulating Now #2: The Nigerian scam has taken a new tact and you are likely to receive an email message inviting you to come to Africa. Avoid this scam like the plague!

Scams Circulating Now #3: The FDIC changed its rules on how your deposits are insured. This is the worst scam of all because you, and maybe even your banker does not understand. Talk to your banker about how they have changed at the link below.

Scams Circulating Now Warning

Beware, Beware, Beware. Do not under any circumstances go to Africa to meet these people that offer you these huge deals. You could be at extreme risk.


My novel the 65th Octave looks at scam protection issues. The hero is a scam catching expert who works for big banks. The book outlines why scams work and why suckers always lose. I recommend you read the book. It has some in depth economic information but is also a fast paced, fun read.

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