Venture Investors

Venture investors can be hard to find and this note from a reader in England gives another important fact about raising money… think big. Here is what he shared.

“Gary, I don’t know if the ten times theory hangs. Let me tell you a story.

“I was having real difficulty finding a bank or venture investors that would finance the purchase of our house. I needed 150 000 pounds and had 60,000 to bring to the table. All kinds of people rejected my submissions.

“Then I found what I thought was the venture investors deal of a century. Several hectares – a whole hospital was going up for sale. The council had granted permission for 650 two and three bedroom houses and units, and an article in the newspaper revealed that the highest bid was 30 million. The bids were to close in 48 hours. So I contacted my bank, the ones that refused me my home loan, and asked for 75 million dollars. They thought I was joking, but when they had established that I wasn’t, they sent me to the venture investors ‘centre’ – a part of the bank that I never knew about previously. My branch couldn’t loan out more than 2 million, you see.

“In spite of promises to get back to me with an answer in 24 hours, the venture investors group in the bank took longer. But they did come back with a ‘yes.’ What is curious is that they couldn’t care less about who I was or what I earned. There was no way I could ever service 75 million with my salary ($80,000/year) so they didn’t even ask for my resume, let alone tax documents. As venture investors they were only interested in the deal.

“I rang the sellers to put in the bid but they had closed bidding half an hour earlier. The hospital has sold for 30 million.

“I didn’t mind, I’d learned a valuable lesson: With venture investors reach for the sky and you will at least reach the top of the trees. It seems to me that there are so many of us scrambling for mediocre opportunities that the chances of realizing them become relatively small. On the other hand there are so few of us who feel capable and worthy to reach for huge opportunities that the chances of getting venture investors who have what you want are exceptional.

“I watched the development with interest. The cheapest 2 bed unit in the complex sold for 550,000 and the more expensive ones for as much as 2 million. Even after finance and development costs, the developer made a fortune. I imagine that the venture investors did as well.”

This is a good lesson to realize if kept within reason. Think big but be able to start small. More on this next lesson. Go to lesson 7.

Until then, good investing.

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