Another Snow Job

Easter is here. Spring has sprung. As the snow melts in the Blue Ridge our thoughts turn north. We’ll have our first International Business and Investing Course with Thomas Fischer at our farm in May when everything is green and lush. Sign up join us now as this course is getting full. DETAILS

However, an Ashe county natural resource is snow and we looked in a previous message that investing in snow in Ashe County makes a great deal of sense.

That message outlined how rumors abounded about a new ski center that might be created near West Jefferson.

That rumor has now been confirmed by our friend and real estate broker Trey Morrison who writes:

“I’ve got to shed those winter pounds so I’ve signed up to race the “Blood, Sweat and Gears” a 105 mile bike race that tours Ashe and Watauga County. If you like to ride bikes this is a great area. Lance Armstrong says… ‘It’s a great area for riding, very hilly, but I’d say it’s the best area for training in the whole of the United States.’

“The plans for turning Phoenix Mountain into a ski resort have taken a large step towards becoming a reality. A local realtor and a development group out of Florida have teamed up to do the development. This will undoubtedly accelerate the rise in property values in this area.” To read more go TO THIS ARTICLE

There you have it. I have been recommending Ashe County as a place to live and invest for many years. See How to Make Money Even When You Don’t Want to.

Three huge events have accelerated this growth. First, our friend, Tom Banks, turned the abandoned Thomasville Furniture factory into a condo retail center. We first learned about this in this September 2004 article.

You can get more information about the condos at Jefferson Station from Tom Banks at

Then a huge developer from southwest Florida purchased the Jefferson Landing golf course. We looked at the importance of this in this March 2005 article.

Now we have the ski resort as well. One vital factor about the ski resort is that it completes the season circle. Previously all the action in Ashe was in the summer. Then everything-jobs, employment, tourism slowed down in the winter. With the resort…no more!!!

Yet there is more. Trey also writes:

“Spring thunderstorms are on the way to the Blue Ridge tomorrow….

“And it will be a great day to sit on the front porch and read a book and watch the show…

“The newest Ashe County news is that West Jefferson is getting a Hampton Inn. See this announcement.

“This news follows on the heels of last weeks news that Phoenix Mountain will become a Ski resort.

“Gary Scott has always said that he is cursed/blessed that whenever he moves somewhere quiet and pretty the crowds are soon to follow. This drives up the real estate prices, but makes the place a little less quiet for him, as he and Merri enjoy the solitude.

“It seems that it is happening here in the mountains of North Carolina at an ever increasing rate. People are sick of getting battered by hurricanes in Florida and are moving out. This is great for North Carolina’s mountains. The good thing is that there are still great bargains here.

“For Example…There is an older 3BD 1BA farmhouse located near downtown West Jefferson on 4.7 acres for only $89,000!

“Or a small 1BD 1BA “Simply irresistible! .03 miles to New River, Like new, tastefully decorated, adorably landscaped with perennials and shrubs, private, no maintenance,13.6X10.8 upstairs area, oak cabinets, and oh so much more make this the PERFECT AFFORDABLE mountain home paradise.” For $127,769.

“If you are interested in these or other opportunities call and we will help you own a piece of paradise. Trey Morrison, MAP Realty, Office (828) 262-5655 Cell (828) 773-6769 FAX (828) 262-5608”

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How is this for an export idea? Boots, horse gear and Saddles.

Our village, Cotacaci, is a leather village. There are hundreds of shops offering everything from purses to coats to boots, saddles and everything for horses. Two delegates recently bought incredible saddles. They said, “We don’t ride but these are so wonderful and so inexpensive we just have to buy them.”

The picture below shows a parade photographed by a delegate at our last import export expedition and some of the wonderful chaps that are sold at very low prices here.

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Until next message, may all your investments in all seasons be good as well!


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