I like small town USA as a good place to invest for early retirement. See all the reasons why.

This is especially why I like Ashe county as a place for early retirement.

So I pass on a message from our friend Trey Morrison at Map Realty

“Good morning from foggy North Carolina .

“Everything seems slow today in our North Carolina mountains when the fog is white molasses seeping into everyone’s head, slowing down their actions and thoughts. This is just fine with me!  I believe that time is one of our most prized assets and I am glad to live somewhere where it is easier to carve out time for “frivolous” pursuits.  My commute to work is only 5 minutes, that’s a 35 minute savings each way and each day compared to when I lived in Atlanta .  That time savings gives me an extra 291 hours, or over 12 days a year.

“Here is a new listing that could give a fisherman something to do with some extra time.  It is a 3 bedroom 1 bath brick home on over 5.5 acres.  It is “located on one of the best trout streams in the USA ”  with hardwood floors, 2 fireplaces, an unfinished basement and  2 possible extra building sites.  Plus you won’t have to waste too much time saving up to buy it because the asking price is only $144,900!

“If you are looking to buy a place to get away from it all, and you want to get a lot for your money you should definitely come on up.  I’d love to show you around and help you find a place to put your feet up and forget about whatever it is we are suppose to be forgettin’ about.

Trey is at treymorrison@bellsouth.net

Telephone: Office (828) 262-5655

Cell (828) 773-6769


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Early Retirement Ideas in North Carolina